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Hey There Everyone,

Some of you have recently asked to be able to use other links besides our super urls for our awesome review club.

Ask and you shall receive. Personally I would never use a campaign without a Super URL, but just in case your views differ we just made a couple of cool updates that give you all the control you could ever want.​ The changes are simple, and you can edit the types of links you send your reviewers within seconds.


Now when you are setting up your Review Club campaigns in the AMZ Tracker Dashboard you have three options:

  1. “No Super URL” – If you select this option then our product reviewers will NOT be given a super URL to your product to purchase from. Instead they will be given a direct link to your product without any “keywords” attached to it. Just a bare-bones link.
  2. “With A Super URL” – This is the normal option that most of you have been using for a while now. With this option you will see a list of all of the super urls that you created for your product here. Simply select the one you wish to use, and our product reviewers will be given your special super URL to purchase their product from.
  3. “No URL” – This is a very special option that you now have, and it’s not for everyone. With this option our product reviewers will NOT be given a link to your product. Instead you are required to give the reviewers very specific instructions on how to find your product for purchase. For example your directions could be something such as:
    Go to Amazon.com, search for “Organic Superfood” in the search bar. Our product should be on the bottom of the 1st page. Please click the product and continue to purchase.

    • *Note* – The “no url” option is probably not for most users. If your product is not already ranked highly for your targeted keywords, or the product is hard to find then it would most likely be a very bad idea. It’s likely that the amount of successful purchases from our review club will decrease if you use this method. It’s up to you so choose wisely!


Another question that we’ve received is how to turn off the “Super URL” if you already have our shortened URLs out there in the world. Again it’s super simple (Gif Demo Below).

  1. Just go to your “Super URL” page in your dashboard.
  2. “Edit” your URL, and go to the “keyword selection” page.
  3. “Uncheck” all of the keywords shown (like the image below). Now it will only redirect to a “normal” Amazon URL instead of the “super”.
Unselect Super URLs