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Using an Amazon keyword rank tracker is essential if you want to compete on Amazon. You need to constantly know where your listings rank for their most important keywords, so that you can take targeted action to maintain and improve them. We all know high rankings on Amazon are the key to sky high sales and profits.

With the AMZtracker Rank Tracking Tool, we take the hassle out of it for you. No more spreadsheets, no more manual searching. Our software checks your rankings multiple times per day, so you’re always one step ahead.​

Here’s how to use it:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I find this feature?

A: You can find it by clicking on the “graph” icon in the header of your dashboard. It is also the first screen that loads when logging in. 

Q: How can I bulk delete keywords??

A: We have a GIF for that 🙂

Q: How to I separate my parent and child products?

A: When adding in your products into the tracker, make sure to Unclick this button in the image below:

Q: My rankings don’t seem correct.

A: Our rankings are 99.999% accurate. If you are seeing odd results it’s almost certainly because you are tracking both parent and child products together.

Q: Can you also track best seller rank?

A: Yep! See the GIF below

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