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9 Tools for Amazon Sellers by AMZ Tracker

If you are looking to scale your profits fast, these 9 Amazon Seller Tools can make all the difference.

Each tool is designed to work together to grow your Amazon search rankings. Use the links below to quickly learn more about each tool, and how it can help you double and triple your Amazon profits this year.

Amazon Keyword Rank Tracker

The Amazon Keyword Rank Tracker helps you see where your products rank for different keywords. This seller tool will save you thousands of hours over your lifetime as a seller. It’ll also give you keen insights on whether the tweaks and changes you make actually improve your rankings.

You can even track your competitor’s rankings, so you can see what they’re doing to grow their rankings… and copy/improve on it.

Listing Optimization On-Page Tool

To reach the first page of Amazon search, especially in a competitive category, you need to have a super optimized listing. This seller tool helps you increase your conversion rate, which is one of the metrics Amazon uses to rank your products. Use the Listing Optimization On-Page Tool to make subtle, effective tweaks to instantly increase sales (through higher conversions), and steadily grow rankings overtime.

The Amazon Super URLs Tool

Super URLs allow you to send traffic straight to your listing from off of Amazon– and use that traffic to increase your rankings on Amazon search. This fba seller tool can make all the difference in Amazon’s most competitive markets, where reaching the front page would be almost impossible otherwise.

Negative Review Notifications

Selling on Amazon is all about reviews. The more good reviews you have, the better your conversion rate… the higher you rank on Amazon search… and the more future-proof your income is. Just as good reviews are vital to your profits, bad reviews can cripple them. Bad reviews happen on Amazon, even if you have a great product. How you handle them makes all the difference.

Use AMZ Tracker’s Negative Review Notifications seller tool to know whenever you get a bad review. You can then do everything in your power to make it right with the customer—fast—giving them a reason to reverse or modify their original review.

Email Notification Tool

The AMZTracker Email Notification Tool gives you a full, comprehensive report on your store every single week, straight to your inbox. This is great for individual sellers, and even better for Amazon agencies. The report has no AMZTracker branding on it, so if you manage your client’s listings, feel free to use your company’s brand on these weekly reports.

Product Promotions Website

One of the most powerful benefits of AMZTracker is access to the Vipon deals community. Vipon gets tens of thousands of shoppers visiting every single day. When you put your product up on Vipon, you get a flood of new buyers, which can boost your sales velocity.

Products with a high sales velocity tend to have a higher best seller ranking (BSR) even when the promotion ends.

Amazon Product Research

To grow your Amazon business, you need to be on the lookout for new products to sell. Use AMZ Tracker’s innovative product research companion, Unicorn Smasher, to quickly identify hot markets with little competition. You can then dominate the market’s rankings before anyone else. The number of reviews you’ll quickly accumulate will make it very hard for anyone else to compete with you.

Best AMZ Tracker Seller Posts

AMZTracker has been a leader in Amazon seller tools for years. And all of this time we’ve published breakthrough content to help you sell more products quicker. Read the “Best Of” our blog now to gain new insights that will push your profits higher than ever.

The AMZ Tracker Help Desk

If you have any questions while using any of the tools mentioned above… and some bonus tools that aren’t… AMZ Tracker offers a thorough help desk to assist you.

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