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The following is just one of the many tools of AMZ Tracker, a complete Amazon ranking tool designed to dramatically improve your sales on Amazon by improving your rankings within the Amazon search engine. It’s powerful. If you’re not already a member please check it out here!


How To Use This Tool

Amazon Super URLs

The AMZ Tracker Amazon Super URL Tool is a way to GREATLY improve the ranking power of any inbound traffic you send to your Amazon listings. The tool creates for you special shortened URL for you to use anywhere someone might click to visit your Amazon page.

For example, we recommend that you use our special super URL in blog posts, YouTube videos, PPC and media buy campaigns, social media mentions, and anywhere else you can think of.

Our Super URL makes Amazon think that your visitors searched for your targeted keywords instead of just coming directly to the listing. The leads Amazon to rank your products higher in the search engine, leading to more sales. If you’ve ever used a Super URL before, get ready, because this takes its power to the NEXT level and a vast improvement over the old style URL.


Q: What is a Super URL?

A: It is a special URL slug used by Amazon to determine the keywords that a purchaser searches for when buying products on the Amazon platform. We created a Super URL builder to mimic this URL so that you can tell Amazon exactly the keywords that you want to rank for.

Q: Can I use the Review Club without a Super URL?

A: Sure can. Read more here.

Q: Where do I find this feature?

A: You can find it by clicking on the “double arrows” in the header of your dashboard.

Q: How does it work?

A: It works by making Amazon think that users are searching your targeted keywords and then clicking on your listings. It tells Amazon that your listings are relevant to your targeted keywords.

Q: How do I “add weight” to the Super URL?

A: Here’s a 45-sec demo: http://amzt.co/super-urls

Q: Does conversion rate matter with this? Should I just send lots of clicks through the URL?

A: In general the tool is perfect to use with all REAL incoming traffic. We LOVE it for PPC especially! But, please do not just click the URL over and over, or send fake traffic (like bots) to the link. Your conversion rate is important, and you don’t want tons of bad traffic to mess that up.

Q: I setup my Super URL, but it’s not showing any keywords?

A: In this case you simply did not “select” any keywords. Please see the GIF below.

How To Add Keywords To The Super URL Tool

How To Add Keywords

Q: I want to use my Merchant ID in the tool, how do I find this? (FYI this is not required to do for most AMZ Tracker users)

A: 1) Login to your Amazon SellerCentral account and select “Settings > Account Info” from the menu. Or you can just click this link

Inside of the “Seller Information” panel there should be a URL for the customer’s storefront. i.e.www.amazon.com/shops/YourSellerName

Click the StoreFront Link to display the storefront, then copy the entire URL out of the browser address bar and paste it into a text editor. The Merchant ID is the value at the very end of the URL. This is the value that they need to use in the OMS “Merchant ID” field.

EX: www.amazon.com/gp/browse.html?ie=UTF8&marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER&me=AXXX1NCVPUWFR32

(AXXX1NCVPUWFR32 is the Merchant ID)
ps… you would think Amazon would make this easier to find huh? 

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