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The AMZtracker Negative Review Monitoring Tool makes it easy to keep a watchful eye on all of your Amazon listings 24/7. We understand how important it is to get notified to and respond to any negative reviews that your products may receive. Reviews are the lifeblood of Amazon sales, and even one bad review can lead to a drop in sales. Now you can stop manually checking your listings everyday. AMZtracker has it for you.


Q: Where do I find this feature?

A: You can find it by clicking on the “heart” in the header of your dashboard.

Q: How often does the system check for negative reviews?

A: AMZ Tracker checks your listings once per day for any new bad reviews.

Q: What do you consider to be a “bad” review?

A: Anything 3 stars or below.

Q: How do I bulk delete negative review notifications in the AMZ Tracker dashboard?

A: Here is a gif showing you how.

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