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Single Use Coupons for Amazon Sellers

Not using single use coupon codes can be dangerous. Some sellers have offered multiple use codes for deals and discounts. It works fine… until someone posts these codes on a major deals website.

Then before they know it, their entire inventory is gone at wholesale prices.

Today’s guide teaches you how to easily create single use coupon codes so this never happens to you. Let’s dive in:

How to Easily Create One-Time Single Use Amazon Promo Codes

Below is an easy to follow step-by-step guide from creating promotions for our awesome Vipon Deals Community and other deal sites.

Creating a batch of single-use promos has a clear advantage over “multiple-use” style codes, as you protect your inventory from abuse. It is VERY important that you follow our instructions EXACTLY. If you do not do this your inventory could get wiped out by scammers who constantly hunt for vulnerable listings publicly showing coupon codes.

Follow these instructions exactly:

1. From your Seller Central account hover over the ‘Advertising’ menu and select “Promotions”.

Note: Sellers using all other marketplace Amazon accounts (basically all non-US) need to click on ‘Inventory’ menu and select ‘Promotions.

2. Under ‘Money Off’ click “Create”.

Promotion tabs for single use coupon codes

    1. Ensure ‘Buyer Purchases’ is set to “At least this quality of item”. If not select it from the dropdown.
    2. Ensure the quantity value to the right is set to ‘1’.
    3. From the ‘Purchased Items’ dropdown select your ASIN.
    4. From the ‘Buyer gets’ dropdown select “Percent off (in $)”.
    5. Set the amount in the quantity box to the right.
      1. This will differ depending on your products cost.
      2. The discount should be enough to ensure the product is at a minimum 50% off to adhere to AMZ Tracker rules.
Conditions for single use coupon codes
    1. Ensure ‘Applies to’ is set to “Purchased Items”.
    2. Skip over the ‘Advanced Options’.
    3. Your ‘Start Date’ needs to be 4 hours in advance.
      1. If necessary change today’s date to tomorrow.
      2. Set the time to 4 hours from now (or later if you’d prefer).
      3. The time is Pacific time, take note of PDT (Pacific Daylight Time), or PST (Pacific Standard Time).
    4. Set the ‘End Date’ to be a date of your choice.
      1. 30 days time is a good option so you don’t have to create new code constantly.
    5. Set an ‘Internal Description’ such as Launch Promotion $1.99 or Promo 80% Off.

Scheduling single use coupon codes
    1. Leave the ‘Tracking ID’ as it is.
    2. Beside ‘Claim Code’ check the box.

Single use coupon claim code

    1. Additional fields will appear. Check the ‘One redemption per customer’ box.
    2. Leave the ‘Claim Code’ as is.
    3. Select “Unrestricted” from the ‘Claim Code Combinability’ section.


    1. Click on ‘Customized messaging’.
    2. Un-check the ‘Detail page display text’ box.
      1. This is very important. Failure to do this will lead to your master claim code being published live on your product listing.
      2. VERY IMPORTANT, so please double check.
Untick detail page display text
    1. Click the “Review” button.
    2. From the ‘Promotions’ screen check over all of the details, especially:
      1. Buyer Gets = Percentage off (in $).
      2. The percent off is correct.
      3. One redemption per customer = Yes.
      4. Claim Code Combinability = Unrestricted.
      5. No ‘Detail page display text’ appears for your listing. There should be nothing between ‘Checkout display text’ and ‘Terms and conditions’.
    3. Click the ‘Submit’ button.
    4. A message will display advising ‘Your promotion has been created.’


      1. Click on ‘View or modify your promotion’.

Edit settings for single use coupon codes

      1. Click the “Manage claim codes” button.

Manage claim codes for single use coupon codes

      1. Enter a ‘Group Name’ which can be the same as before (‘Internal Description’ Launch Promotion $1.99).
      2. Enter the ‘Quantity’ of codes you’d like to create.
        1. We recommend that you create enough to last for at least 30 days.
        2. Create a realistic number of codes you anticipate that you’ll use.
        3. FYI: Just because you create 100, it doesn’t mean you need to to use all 100. You control how many you release.
      3. Click the “Create” button.

Group name for single use coupon codes

      1. A new line item will appear on the page. The ‘Status’ should say ready.
      2. Click on the “Download” link.
      3. A CSV text file should automatically download and open on your computer.
        1. The download will go to wherever your downloads are set to go to. So if it doesn’t open go and find it on your computer.
        2. The codes will look like this and be made up of numbers and letters:
          1. 7GUE-ZZZZZZ-XXXXXX
          2. 7GA4-XXXXXX-YYYYYY
          3. 7GM3-YYYYY3-ZZZZZZ
      4. Store this CSV file in a safe location as you’ll be referring back to it in order to create your product promotion.
      5. Your all done! You have successfully created coupons for your promotional.

Closing Thoughts

If you use these single use coupon codes for a promotion, only one shopper can buy your product at a time. This means even if your promotion goes viral, or your post it on Vipon.com, you will only sell the number of units you’re prepared for.

Keep this in mind whenever you run future promotions. If you have any questions make sure to leave a comment below and I will answer them for you. Thanks for reading!