Amazon Ads & PPC: Pay Per Click Pro Guide

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The best place to advertise your product is on Amazon itself. The ads can be profitable, reach tens of thousands of customers and even boost your rankings.

Every ad sale also boosts your organic ranking too. Optimizing ads is one of the best ways to rapidly grow your Amazon business.

Tip 1 Broad Phrase Exact
“Exact” keywords only show when the user searches the exact words you selected. For example, if your exact phrase is steel garlic press and they search garlic press or steel press, your result will not show.

“Phrase” will show whenever the words you’ve used are searched for even if the user adds other words to the front and backend of what they’re looking for. If your keyword is garlic press but they search blue garlic press, it will still show up in the results.

“Broad” is usually the best option because your ad will show for similar and related searches. For example, if your keyword is women’s socks and the user searches buy ladies socks, your ad will still get shown.

The best is to choose your top 10 keywords then advertise for them in exact, broad and phrases all in the same campaign. Let the ads run for 2 weeks then analyze the data. That should give you more of an idea of what works in your niche.

Tip 2 Impressions
There are several ways to increase the number of impressions you get.

Amazon works differently to Google pay per click. You need to include a wide range of keywords in your product listing for it to show in the ads.

Amazon searches your product listing and uses the words it finds for both automatic campaigns and manual campaigns.If you try to advertise for garlic press but you have not included it anywhere in your listing, then your ad will not show up.

So be sure to add as many relevant keywords into your listing and back end search terms as possible. This will help your organic rank but also make your ads more relevant too!

Tip 3 Bid
Another way to boost impressions is to increase your bid.

Start with a low bid of around $.50 and increase it by $.10 at a time if you feel you need to increase your sales through advertising and impressions.

If you start high, you won’t know what works the best or you may end up overspending. By starting low and scaling up over time – you can slowly increase the bid whilst controlling your costs.

Using this strategy I got very high returns on investment from ad spending. For the ads that are performing well – just leave them running then adjust the keywords and ads not doing as well.

Tip 4 Budget
If your campaign is profitable then increase the budget.

Keep the budget low, around $10 a day, until you optimize listing impressions and returns.

You need about 2 weeks of data to see what is going on. So let your ads run for a while before making changes. Increasing the bids and budget for a profitable campaign can also destroy it – so be careful to track any changes you make so you can revert back to campaigns with good ACOS and returns.

Tip 5 ACOS
ACOS is a measure of how successful your ad campaigns are.

It shows how much you have to spend for every dollar of sales. For example, a score of 50% means you’re using $.50 of clicks for every one $1 dollar in revenue.

The lower your ACOS the less each sale is costing you. There are many ways to reduce this over time – one of the best is simply optimizing your listing so you sell more products for the same ad spend.

Tip 6 Keywords
The most important part about optimizing your pay per click is your keywords.

Make sure your keywords are included in the title, features, description and search terms of your listing. If they are not there, Amazon will not display your product for ads with those keywords

Tip 7 Page 1 Bid
On Amazon seller central you can check the estimate bid for page 1 in the advertising section.

You can use this to estimate how much you should be bidding if you are not getting enough impressions.

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