Amazon FBA Keyword Research Top 7 Tips

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Keywords are the heart of your listing. Everything from search rank to ad performance is based on keywords. It is worth taking the extra time to do deep research for your products and listings.

In this article we cover the top 7 tips on doing keyword research for the products you sell on Amazon.

Tip 1 Competitors

The first place to start your keyword research is to take your competitors URL link and add it into the Google keyword tool.

Google will then show you all the keywords your competitors are using. Add these words to your keyword list.

You can then download the list and expand on it using top keyword tools like AMZ Tracker.

Tip 2 Read Competitors’ Listings

Scan your competitors’ title, features and description. If you find anything that looks like a possible keyword describing the product, add it to your list of keywords.

For example, if the title is silicon rings for men, you should add silicon rings and silicon rings for men into your keyword list.

Go to Amazon and look at the top 10 competitors for your main keywords. You will often find great keywords used by only a couple of products using this method.

Tip 3 Look for Brands on Google

Amazon is not the only place people shop. If you plan to sell a CrossFit item such as CrossFit gloves, search Google for online brands selling this category of product.

Take the URL, add it into the Google keyword tool, and Google will show you all the different keywords being used by the brand. That way you are getting extra keywords that rank in google and building them into your Amazon listing. You might even rank your product on Google this way too.

Again – you can use AMZ Tracker to expand the keyword list or track your ranking for competitors keywords also.

Tip 4 Check Top Keywords on Google

Write a list of keywords you think people might use to search for the product you are selling. Add them one by one into the Google keyword tool and save the results.

Searching Google for silicon rings and rubber wedding rings will give you two very different sets of results. So always try to think of the many different ways people might find your product.

I use AMZ Tracker for keyword research and rank tracking in addition to google search terms. This way I can be sure I have covered off all the main keywords in my niche.

Tip 5 Amazon Keywords

Start typing your product name into the Amazon search, and watch carefully what suggestions Amazon comes up with.

If you type silicon, it may show silicon spatula, silicone wedding ring, silicon ring. Amazon is showing you suggestions for the main keywords used to find products that contain the name you are typing.

So watch carefully as you type the full name of your product, and write down the main keywords Amazon displays.

Tip 6 Hire an SEO Expert

Use or to find an SEO expert. Get them to do additional research and find extra keywords for your target product.

Sometimes spending a little money to grow your keyword list can result in profits further down the line as you show up and rank for more search terms.

Tip 7 Use the Keywords in your Listing

Make sure to include three main keywords in your title and also put these keywords in your features. Add additional keywords to your features and description, and be sure to use only the most relevant keywords from your research.

Using these tips, you can build a really good list of keywords people might use to search for your product. Most Amazon sellers don’t do this, but if you do it will help you rank much faster.

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