Amazon FBA: Setting Up a Promotion

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AMZ Tracker is the best tool for launching new promotions on Amazon.

Every so often, Amazon updates the types of promotions available. In this article we cover the top things you need to know about the different promotions available on Amazon.

Tip 1 Types

If you head over to Advertising > Promotions on the main menu in Seller Central you will be able to see the types of promotion available. The main ones are:

Social Media Code:
Create a custom promo code and receive a unique marketing page to share with customers through social media, emails, or influencer marketing.

This is great for sharing with influencers.

Percentage Off
Here you can set up promotions with a certain percentage off or set discount.

Buy One Get One
This lets you create special offers allowing customers to get a second unit FREE.

Tip 2 Keep it Simple

You can get quite creative with all the different types of promotion available on Amazon.

I recommend keeping it simple to begin with, learning about how promotion works and then increasing your range of offers once you are more experienced and have a larger Amazon catalog of products.

Start with just offering a 5% discount on 1 product. This can show on the Amazon search results with a tag – which will help your product stand out among the competition.

Tip 3 How They Work

All the promotion types work in the same way. If the buyer purchases a product, they either get the discount or offer that you set up. The most important part to pay attention to is step three, the additional options section of setting up a promotion.

You need to make sure you set this correctly because any mistake could cost you thousands of dollars. For example, when you set up a promotion to give reviewers 90% off your product, if the code gets out publicly anyone can go to Amazon and buy all of your product for that discount. This has happened to a number of sellers and there is nothing you can do about it.

So when setting up a promotion, be very careful to check each line in detail before launching.

Tip 4 Where Promotions Show

Amazon lets you select if you want the promotion to show on your listing.

For example, it automatically shows users your buy one get one free deal. If you’re doing a special discount for a reviewer you don’t want it to show on your product page.

When you go through the promotion set up, make sure the detail page display text section is unchecked.

Tip 5 Coupon Codes

There are two main types of coupon codes.

You can set up one code that all customers can use, such as Xmas20%, which gives anyone who inputs it a special 20% discount. The second main type of code on Amazon is an individual code which can only be used once. So when someone inputs it they get the deal but then no one else can use that code.

This type of code is great to offer to buyers to ensure they can only get one product at the big discounts you offer them.

Tip 6 Protecting Inventory

If you are doing a free giveaway or very large discount, you need to make sure that your inventory is protected.

You do this by only allowing one redemption per customer using individual claim codes and not displaying the promotion on the listing page. If you’ve taken these steps then buyers and reviewers can’t take advantage of your deal without you specifically emailing them a code.

Amazon is changing the way it counts reviews from people who receive the product for free or with a large discount.

Promotions can still be used to boost your rankings.

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