Boost Your Sales: Amazon FBA Influencers Top Tips

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I spent months trying to build my following to 10,000 people. Then I decided to try contacting a few influencers with 20,000 or more followers in my niche.

After a few emails, I got in front of over 100,000 potential customers for my products. It was much faster and cheaper to market via people with established losts then trying to build my own following.

In this episode we cover our top tips for reaching social media influencers about your Amazon business.

Keep it Personal

Whichever channel you target, remember that influencers get hundreds of emails a week asking them to promote people’s products.

They get constant spam. A lot of the messages are canned templates. You can make your message stand out by tailoring it to the specific person you are contacting and by referencing some of the material they posted in the past that you enjoyed.

Also, keep your message short, friendly, and don’t try to push them to promote your product. You can mention that if they are interested you will provide a free sample.


This is a great way to reach influencers across multiple platforms.

You can quickly see their social following and statistics all in one place. I don’t recommend doing this for new products.

Wait until you have stable sales and have optimized on Amazon. Then you can reach out to people through the Tomoson services and ask them to review your product.

Facebook Groups

Search for Facebook groups in your niche.

Instead of trying to spam the group, join it and share valuable content. After being a member for two or three weeks you can ask the admin if they will offer a special coupon for your product to the group if it’s relevant.


Reach out to YouTube video creators in your niche. Some YouTubers have millions of views for their videos.

They may be willing to do a review on your item in return for a free sample. If they have a substantial subscriber list this can result in a boost in sales for your item.


This is a great way to build evergreen traffic to your product. Do a search on Google for all your main keywords and look out for blogs and websites about your target market.

Maybe some blogs are already posting about your competitors. Search google for your competitor products then contact the same blogs.

List Holders

Whether your niche is kitchen products or sports equipment, there are magazines, companies and individuals out there who have a list of your target customers.

Think about all the different places your target customers might visit, websites and magazines they might read, or newsletters they might receive.

Reach out to all of them and ask them if they would either be willing to offer your product to their customers at a substantial discount or to allow you to advertise through their medium.

Pinterest, Reddit and Other Platforms

Search all the main social media platforms to look for groups interested in your niche.

Remember to share valuable content such as useful or informative articles or fun photos about the general topic.

Don’t try to directly sell your product straight away, but post 8 to 9 pieces of content for every promotion or discount offer about your product.

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