Branding your product for Amazon FBA

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In this article we cover the top 7 tips & reasons for branding your product.

Tip 1 Choosing a Brand Name

A brand is how customers identify your product vs the competition. It’s not easy to create a great name. It needs to be easy to read, memorable & easy to spell. Some people like to use names that describe the product – but later if you expand to new items this might not work. That is why I prefer a generic name.

There are dozens of name generator services – just search for a brand name generator on google. Use a service like when you’re choosing a name to make sure you can also get the social media accounts for the same name.

Tip 2 Get the Domain

Once you’ve chosen your name make sure you buy the domain. Later you can use it to build out an e-commerce shop. Often, the domain will already be taken – so get creative to find a similar name like or

Tip 3 Design a Logo

Use or 99 designs to design a simple logo to go with your new brand name. Go for a simple, cleaneasilty recognizable logo. Most likely this will be small when it is printed on the product so make sure it is still easy to spot even when scaled down in size.

Tip 4 Register the Trademark

Register your brand name on You will need to prove that you are already using the branding, so Photoshop your logo on to your planned product, and use a template to create an e-commerce store on your new domain. Add the product photo, details and description, and then submit this as evidence that you are already using the trademark.

A trademark will help you protect your listing with Amazon.

Tip 5 Register with Amazon

Once you’ve registered the trademark, go through the process of registering your brand on Amazon. This has many additional benefits including the ability to protect your business. You can apply for Enhanced Brand Content – which lets you add more images, text and details about your product, mainly in the description area. This has been found to increase conversions – so with the same traffic you can increase your sales by 10% to 30% or more.

Tip 6 Protect your Listing

Having a brand registered with Amazon helps you prevent hangers on your listing. Sometimes other sellers on Amazon see that you’re selling well and they copy your product, selling fakes via your listing. If you register the brand already you can ask Amazon to remove these fake sellers.

As the brand owner you get to decide who is allowed to sell your product.

Tip 7 Add It to your Product

It’s a lot of work to get a brand up and running, but once the e-commerce site is up and it’s trademarked and registered on Amazon, you can add it to your product directly, on an insert card or on your packaging.

Well branded products increase the value of an item substantially. The difference between the hundred dollar T-shirt from a well-known brand and a seven dollar T-shirt from Walmart is just the brand.

There are several methods for adding your logo. You can just add it to an insert card or onto the packaging. This way customers know the product came from you – even though the product is not branded itself. You can also use a laser etch, silk screen printing or a dozen other ways to add the logo to the product itself.


Branding your product, setting up a basic e-commerce shop and also trademarking your brand helps you start to build a more solid business. If you register the trademark with Amazon – this makes your product more protectable.

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