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Instead of trying to catch up with what is popular now, look into the future and see what will be popular. There are some huge trends and shifts happening – making some niches sell a lot more in the long term.

Even before Covid-19 there was a huge shifting of people working more remotely and more from home. The Coronavirus just accelerated an existing trend.

More and more companies were letting people work at home, work remotely or spend part of the week at a home office.

What other big trends and shifts are taking place that you could benefit from?

Working From Home

The trend of working at home is not going to disappear. Yes, many people will go back to working in an office. But, workers of all types are requesting at least 1 to 5 days a week to work from home.

If this trend continues, which products do you think will be popular?

Everything from desks, to computer accessories have had their sales explode upwards. Instead of going after the main work at home trend, try to think of complementary products you could sell.

Home Gym

More and more people are deciding to do their work at home. Why? It takes more time to travel to the gym, work out and come back. Also, gym costs can add up quickly.

With hundreds of youtube videos and apps available to teach people how to exercise on their own, less and less people are going to the gym.

What products could you sell to people working out at home? What if they like hockey or football or yoga? What items would be great so that they can continue their training anyplace or anytime.

Ordering Online

For nearly every type of product, there is a shift from going to a shop to buy the item, to just ordering it online. For some products – this shift happened years ago, for other products we are still early in the cycle.

Imagine if people could only order online. That is where the future is heading. Which products are still mainly sold in stores that will shift to ecommerce?

If you get ahead of this big trend you can ride the wave of growth as people shift to buying online. You can even design the items to suit ecommerce better – for example having lighter packaging to save costs.

Think About The Future

Try not to focus too much on what is happening today. Instead, look for long term changes and trends then select products from niches that will grow over time.

By focusing on what will sell well in 1 to 3 years you get ahead of the competition and can boost your sales massively.

Look at people’s shopping habits too. Before, everyone would go to a store to select an item. Now, people are following TikTok, Instagram and YouTube

Recommendations on what to buy. By making your product something that people want to share on social media – you massively boost the performance of your product. Think about what changes have happened in your life over the last 5 years and where that might go in the future. What products are people buying more of? What products are selling less? Are people moving into cities or out of cities?

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