Getting MORE Reviews on Amazon FBA

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Reviews are a critical factor in the Amazon Ranking Algorithm & also in customers buying decisions.

The more positive reviews you have – the more likely it is Amazon will show your product on page 1. And your conversion rate will be higher too!

I highly recommend launching promotions on AMZ Tracker & Vipon – to maximize your chance of getting more reviews. In this article we also cover our other top tips on how to get more reviews for the things you sell on Amazon.

Tip 1 Use a Feedback Service

There are several great automatic email services that send a message to your buyer straight after they buy your product or after it has been delivered.

Set up a series of emails to inform the customer the goods are shipped, to ask if there are any problems, and to ask if they are happy to give feedback. It’s more important to prevent negative reviews than to focus on getting as many reviews as possible.

A few negative reviews can lower your conversion rate and affect how Amazon ranks your product.

Tip 2 Provide Great Customer Support

Check your buyer messages in Amazon Seller Central at fixed times in the morning, afternoon and early evening. The Tracker M app is great for this – as it lets you check direct from your mobile – anytime, anyplace.

For example, if you check at 8 AM, 2 PM and 7 PM you will be responding to most messages within 2 to 3 hours or less. Your customers will appreciate the quick response.

Even if there is an issue, the fact that you are fixing it quickly means they might still leave a positive review, which again prevents negative reviews.

Tip 3 Refund Quickly

For minor issues where the color is slightly different to what the customer expected, offer them a 25% discount if they keep the product.

You can easily refund this through Amazon’s system. If there is a quality issue refund the customers in full and let them keep the product.

After the issue is fixed, ask them to leave you a seller review. 

Tip 4 Remove Negative Reviews

The reason we ask for a seller review first is because we can remove negative reviews easily.

If a customer mentions product issues in the review you can get Amazon to quickly remove it. If someone has left you a positive seller review, then ask them for a product review. 

Tip 5 Improve Your Product Quality

Monitor how many refunds you give and how many customer emails and complaints you receive.

Even a top selling Amazon product will have unsatisfied customers, because everyone’s taste and perception is different. You might get customers who complain because they wanted an iphone 6 plus case but yours doesn’t fit, even though your listing says it’s for iphone 6 only. Sometimes they just don’t read the listing clearly.

Work with your factory to continually improve the product quality, and make sure you inspect every shipment before it leaves the factory.

Tip 6 Bundle Items

Keep adding more value to your product by bundling in additional items.

Your customers will be pleasantly surprised by the great value they get when they receive the product and some small additional bonus item they weren’t expecting. Great packaging, clear instructions, and a neatly packed product will also reduce the number of returns again and increase the number of positive reviews people leave.

Tip 7 Add an Insert Card

Add an inset card with your product giving customers a helpline number or an email address they can reach you on if there’s a quality problem.

This will prevent many people from leaving a negative review because it gives you a chance to resolve the issue first. You can also request on the card that customers leave a product review if they’re satisfied with the item.

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