Great Niches for Amazon FBA

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In this article we’re going to cover 7 great niches for products to sell on Amazon.

Niche 1 Exercise Equipment

This makes a great market because people don’t just buy one item.

Fitness fanatics keep buying more and more new tools every few months. For example, someone might buy a water bottle, yoga mat, massage ball, massage stick, and stretch bands to do their normal workout routine.

If you sell these items on Amazon you can also cross-sell many of the products.

Most of these products are also small and light and high value. The return on investment can get high. Look out for new fitness trends and get ahead of the pack. The established products are very competitive.

Niche 2 Cooking Tools

Just like sports equipment, people who cook at home need several different cooking utensils.

There are hundreds of millions of people in this category and they will keep coming back to buy more. Even if they didn’t enjoy cooking, they still need to buy pans, knives, chopping boards and other products in this niche.

So in the kitchen and dining category there are a lot of items you can sell on Amazon, with the potential to expand your range in the future.

Everything from silicone baking mats to cutlery sets are found in every home in the country. This is one of the biggest niches on Amazon.

Niche 3 Hiking and Camping

Tens of millions of people enjoy hiking and camping.

Again this is a hobby that requires many different products. As people get more into it, they want more of the latest gadgets.

I recommend you go to a hiking store and look at the items available for sale for this market. You can start with one product and expand your Amazon inventory to sell many items to the same customer list.

If hiking is a hobby of yours I am sure you have lots of great ideas that you can apply to make a winning product in this category.

Niche 4 Doomsday

Doomsday preppers spend thousands of dollars to prepare for disasters and emergencies. With the recent COVID situation doomsday preparation product sales have skyrocketed.

They try to buy everything they need to survive in case the shops close. They make great customers because they are not just buying products they need, they are buying them all now.

From tents to kitchen equipment to hiking and camping gear, this is a huge market that will keep coming back for more of your products.

You can cross sell the same items to hikers and campers also.

Niche 5 Niche Hobbies

Some people are really into their hobbies such as cycling, football, fishing or hunting. They want all the latest products and will often save up to buy new items.

By targeting a particular niche you can also cross-sell other products that these same customers use.

Try to focus on an area you know well! If you play tennis – then making a tennis bag or other related accessories makes sense. You can test out your own products yourself!

Niche 6 Throwaway Items

Try to create a list of items you use every day but throw away or use up.

For example, you may use many different types of office stationery, or your kids might get through lots of paper and pens. Items people use and replace often make a great market because they’ll keep coming back to buy more. 

Have a look around your house and see what else might fall under this category.

Niche 7 General Household Products

Visit any major supermarket and you’ll see hundreds of products that people use every day around the house. This makes a great niche because sellers of these products are less competitive.

The best way to find good items here is listen to your friends to see what are the latest things they are buying. Try to catch the trend early.

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