How To Optimize Your Amazon Product Photos

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The first thing a customer sees when they are searching for a product is your main product photo. A great main image will entice buyers to click on your product and eventually to buy it also.

A great image could increase your conversion rate by 2x or even 5x or more – so investing your time, effort and some money to have a great product photo can massively impact your business.

In this article we’re going to cover the top tips on how to optimize your Amazon photos.

Tip 1 Review your Competitors’ Photos

Head over to Amazon and search for the niche you are interested in. Check out the top 10 competitors’ photos.

You’ll get lots of ideas for what you can include in your own pictures. They will have features, benefits and creative ideas that you can replicate in your own product listing.

Some people include comparison, quality guarantees, material specifications too. I found that looking at top selling product pictures gave me tons of good ideas for things to add to my own listing images.

Tip 2 Check Other Sellers’ Benefits

Click on the Top 10 products in your niche on Amazon. Review your competition’s features and also their description.

Make a list of all of the benefits of the product and use the list of benefits to create your photos. For example, if your garlic press has a rubberized handle, make sure you show this clearly in the photo with a zoomed-in picture.

The pictures should show off the product but also communicate to the customer how your product will benefit them.

For example, if you are selling a yoga mat, having a thick & durable material will be a great selling point – and should be featured in the images.

Tip 3 Tackle Objections

There are a lot of helpful hints about making your product better – in the negative reviews of your competitors listings. Review the 1- and 2-star reviews of your competitors to see what issues come up. Make sure your photos overcome the main objections and issues people mention.

For example, if you’re selling a mobile phone case, one of your photos could show anti-scratch material with the zoom-in on the material. Use two or three photos to tackle the issues and eliminate objections before they even arise.

Or, if you are selling an umbrella and most of the negative reviews are about the weak handle – then show images of your “reinforced handle” in your list & make sure you ask your supplier to make the handle better for your product too.

Tip 4 Professional Photo Shots

Phones have amazing cameras but these are nothing compared to the high tech equipment the pros use. Send your product to a professional photographer to get high quality, high resolution images.

This makes a huge difference to the quality of your Amazon listing. People judge your product initially by your main image, so make it as good as it can be. Most photographers can also retouch the image to make it look amazing!

Tip 5 Stock Photo

Maybe you cannot afford to hire models and a location to shoot photos of your product. But you can add people and scenes into your listing images using stock photos.  Search the stock photo websites for images you can include with your product.

If you sell a running waistband you can include high-quality images of runners from websites like Your customers will think you paid for a photo shoot with models to get the shots, but in reality they can cost you $10 or less.

Final Tip 6 Update Quarterly

Do a quick review once a quarter of your listing and your main competitors listings, and add any new ideas to your photo set. By reviewing and improving your images constantly – you will make sure that your product LOOKS THE BEST of any Amazon product.

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