How To SUPER Optimize Your Amazon Listing

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Imagine 1000 people visit your product.

If 10% buy, you sell 100 units.
But if 20% buy you sell 200 units.

A simple change to your listing can result in DOUBLE PROFITS and DOUBLE sales.

In this article we will cover the Top Tips on the most important ways you can optimize your Amazon listing.

Tip 1 Keywords
The most important part of your listing is the keywords you use in the title, features, description and backend.

Spend a few hours on each listing to develop a list of the highest volume relevant keywords. Check your competitors listings, use Google keyword tool, and use the keyword suggestion in cash cow pro to build a list of potential keywords.

Make sure to filter only relevant keywords that match the product you are selling.

Keywords are the most important tool to optimize your listing because users find your product by searching the Amazon website or Google.

Tip 2 Title
Now that you have the top keywords for your product, try and include 3 or 4 of them in your title, while still keeping it easy to read.

You also want to highlight the most important benefit for your user in the title. For example, a normal title might be: iPhone 6 protective case Made of PC. Whereas an optimized title might be: iPhone 6 Case Designed with anti-scratch material and anti-drop protection.

I recommend you create four different titles and test each one to see which one generates more profit. You can do this test automatically using cash cow pro.

Tip 3 Photos
I recommend sending your product to a professional photographer who can create high quality, high resolution images for you.

After a user searches for a product, the first thing they see is the product image and title. That’s what they use to decide which items they will investigate further.

You want your image to be as professional, clear, and high quality as possible. Minimize the white space around the image, show the product in action and have 10+ different high-resolution images showing all the benefits.

Tip 4 Features
Read the reviews of your top five competitors and check out the 1-star, 2-star and 3-star reviews about the product.

You want to make sure you cover any of the potential issues raised in your features and description. Also review their benefits listed in their features and description.

By consolidating all the benefits from several competitors, your listing will be the most appealing of all the similar products being sold on Amazon.

Tip 5 Description
In your description, make sure to go into detail about the benefits of the product for the user, and end it with a call to action such as add to cart and buy now.

Descriptions can be 1000 or more characters giving you the space to cover any additional features and benefits you didn’t mention in the five-feature bullets. You should also use any additional keywords you haven’t used previously here.

Tip 6 Backend Search Terms
This is your chance to use all the different keywords you found during your research and insert them into your listing.

In this section Amazon is asking you to tell it what uses this product relates to and which terms people might use to find it. Starting with the highest volume keyword, add as many keywords as you can into the space provided by Amazon.

Tip 7 Price
You need to test your price to see which is the most profitable.
You can do this automatically with cash cow pro.

Selling 1000 units at $15 might be more profitable than selling 1200 at $12.50. It depends on your Amazon FBA fees and landed costs.

Make sure you optimize these seven key factors for everything you sell on Amazon. They will have the most impact on your sales in the fastest time possible.

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