How to Write the Best Features For Your Amazon Listing

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Amazon’s search algorithm uses your main title, features, back end search terms & description to understand your product and index you for keywords.

The title is the most important but the features on your listing also play a huge part in the search algorithm!

In this article we cover the top 7 tips for writing great features for your Amazon product listing.

Tip 1 Keyword Research

The most important part of your listing is the keywords you use.

If you miss out the main keywords, customers won’t be able to find your product. Include 5 to 10 of your main keywords spread throughout your five features. Make sure the language sounds natural so it doesn’t feel like it’s stuffed with keywords.

How to find the best keywords? Start typing in your product name into Amazon’s search bar and it will suggest other good keywords. Then take that list of keywords and use the keyword features in AMZ Tracker to find even more relevant keywords.

Tip 2 Competitor Review

Review your top 5 competitors’ features and descriptions for ideas about what you can include in your own features. Make the first feature the most important one.

For example, imagine you are selling an umbrella. Maybe all your competitors mention the handle is strong and the material is windproof. By skimming through the top 10 products you can pick out all the important features and even some you would have never thought of yourself!

You are basically taking all the best ideas from the top 10 listing and including them all in your listing to make your copy the best!

Tip 3 Sell the Sizzle

Don’t focus on the technical features, focus on letting the customer know how the product will benefit them.

If you’re selling a garlic press with a rubberized handle, users don’t care that it’s made from a special type of rubber. They want to know the benefits for them, which is that it’s easy to grip and anti-slip.

Try to think about WHY someone is buying your product and adapt your copy to them. If you were looking for your product – would you care that it was 17 or 18cm long or would you want to know how useful it was in solving the problem.

Tip 4 Use a Copywriter

Once you’ve done your keyword research and crafted a draft of your main benefits using the review of your competitors, hire a copywriter to make your listing more professional.

Even though you are outsourcing you still need to do the research so the copywriter can use the keywords to create the optimal listing text.

Why use a copywriter? They do this every day. They know tricks and methods of selling with text that can take years to learn. They can also turn a boring sound product like a garlic press into something exciting like “make awesome garlic bread with this easy to use press”… now who doesn’t like garlic bread?

Tip 5 Test Your Features

As with anything, unless you test you are just guessing. Try different sets of features and monitor which ones perform the best. How can you test them? Use 1 set of features for 1 week, then switch to another set of features for another week and try to see if there was a noticeable difference in sales. Don’t test many changes at the same time as you can only know what changes made the difference if you are testing 1 thing at a time.

Tip 6 Call To Action

Make sure your last feature includes a call to action for your customers. Ask them to add to cart and buy now. Why? Because they may be on the fence about buying your product and this last little push to buy it now may give them the motivation to add it to their cart and purchase it.

Tip 7 Keep it Short

Some people recommend using capital letters for the first 2 to 5 words for each feature to make them stand out on the page. There is some debate about whether this is allowed on Amazon. I think it’s better to play it safe and make sure the first sentence of each feature is a great summary or selling point for the product.

Most people skim and don’t read every detail, so keeping your key points capitalized helps ensure they see all the benefits of your product quickly and are ready to buy.

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