Launching a Product on Amazon: TOP TIPS

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You put in months of work and now your product is finally ready to sell. What’s next?

In this article we’re going to cover the top tips for launching your new product into the Amazon marketplace.

Tip 1 First Reviews BEFORE a big launch

Before doing a big product launch it is better to have a few reviews as more people will buy an item that others say is good. Products with no reviews have a very low conversion rate. But even only 5 to 10 reviews is enough for buyers to trust your product.

So how do you go from 0 reviews to having some?

Recently Amazon launched a new program to help new sellers get their first few reviews. I also recommend using PPC until you have at least 5 reviews with a positive overall rating.

Amazon is super strict on how you get reviews – so be very careful not to break the rules.

Tip 2 Pay Per Click

Some gurus advise not to use PPC before you have reviews. But if you have no reviews and low sales – Amazon advertising is the best way to start getting some traction for your item.

At first you might be making a loss on your advertising but after the first couple of sales and reviews come in – it will help boost the ranking of your product.

Set the budget at between 10 and $30 a day and the bid relatively low at around $1. The pay per click will help you start to rank in Amazon’s search algorithm and get more organic sales too.

At the start – do not worry too much about the ROI or profit from ads. But once your item has been selling for a few weeks you can start to optimize the keywords and ad performance. 

Tip 3 Promotions

You should wait 7 to 10 days after launching a product and getting your first 5 reviews before you do a promotion.


It takes Amazon systems from several hours to several days just to recognize your product. You get the most impact from the promotion when you already have some traction from pay per click and your first reviewers.

Imagine you see an advert for a new product. After a couple of seconds you have already forgotten it. But what if you see the advert 10 times – then it starts to stick in your mind.

It is the same for Amazon. When you first list your item – Amazon’s algorithms do not factor your product in as it is too new. After a few days in the Amazon system – your listing, your keywords start to stick in the mind of Amazon ranking algorithm. As you sell more – your product gets embedded in the Amazon search results.

I recommend giving away 50 to 100 units over 10 days, so 5 to 10 a day. Make sure you track the keywords for your product in AMZ Tracker so you can see the result of the promotion.

Tip 4 Price

When you’re first getting going, try to keep the price of your item low. This will help increase sales and conversions and help you rank faster. Do not expect to make profit instantly – it can take several months to stabilize your sales.

Once you are in the top 10, then you can consider increasing your price. For the first 2 to 3 weeks I recommend you price the item at the landed cost plus FBA fees so you are breaking even, also known as the break even price.

I know it is hard to continue making losses after opening a new business but you should see it as an investment for much bigger profits later. 

Tip 5 Facebook Marketing

Another great way to get your listing going is to drive traffic from Facebook.

Instead of advertising the product directly, offer a 10 to 60% discount or more to groups and users in your target market. Send the traffic to a landing page, collect their email addresses and in return give them a discount coupon.

For all discount coupons make sure that you create individual codes and not one code which everyone can use, because sometimes the multi use codes are used by people to get all of your stock at a discount.

Check the  AMZ Tracker YouTube channel to see the correct way to set up promotions.

Tip 6 Tools and Resources

There are some great tools out there for boosting product sales and optimizing a listing. The very best is AMZ Tracker. Using their promotion features can put your product in front of millions of shoppers on Vipon.

Using a tool like AMZ Tracker can drastically reduce the time between getting your product ready & getting to a stage where you have consistent sales.

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