Reviews: Why Customers Leave Feedback

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What is the reason why a customer will leave a review? Is it because they had a good experience with the product? A bad experience?

In this guide we deep dive into some of the main reasons customers leave reviews.

Great Product!

A large percentage of customers will leave a review simply because they think that the product is good and they want to share their positive experience with the product.

These are the type of reviews we want to get the most of. By not overpromising on the listing, showing accurate photos and description of the product & working to make the item good quality – we can gather more good reviews in the long term.

Help Other Buyers!

A major reason for customers leaving feedback is not for the seller! They want to help other buyers to understand the product better. They may even have suggestions on how to improve the product too.

Reviewers know that other people like them might be considering the product. They point out the good and bad points of the product so other potential buyers can have a better understanding of the product.

As a seller, you should read all these reviews and incorporate the feedback into improving your product over time. By acting on the suggestions – you will turn more future buyers into happy customers that leave positive reviews!

Below Expectations

This is something that sometimes is not the sellers fault. You could be selling an iphone case for model 12 but someone buys it for their iphone 11 and complains it doesn’t fit. Customers do not always read the title / copy or check if the product will work for them.

That is why it is super important to spell out exactly what customers should expect to receive. Do not oversell the product. By showing fair images and a description of what they will be getting – less customers will be disappointed that the item is different from what they expected.

This alone can help you prevent many negative reviews as customers who are not a good fit for the product do not buy it in the first place.

Out Of Your Control!

Sometimes a shipment is late to a customer. Or they were in a rush when they bought. This can lead them to feel annoyed that the product did not arrive fast enough. Even though shipping is not your responsibility as an Amazon FBA seller – some customers may take it out on your product review.

A percentage of reviews will be illogical, unfair or seem like bad actors in the marketplace. You have to allow for this. It is also why it is super important to do everything to ensure you get as many good reviews as possible as it will help to mitigate any negative ones.


The main reason for customers leaving reviews is not for the seller! It is to let other customers know what they should expect from the product! If you promised too much and then customers are unsatisfied when the item arrives – they leave negative reviews to warn other customers. The best lesson we can apply to our Amazon products is to make sure the listing is as accurate and clear as possible so there is no confusion. If a customer gets what they expected they are more likely to leave a positive review.

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