Secrets for Amazon FBA Product Descriptions

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Optimizing your listing can lead to a boost in conversion rate. If you can double conversions you make double the profits, all with the same traffic. In this article we cover the top secrets to creating great product descriptions for items you sell on Amazon.

Secret 1 Call to Action
Always end the product description with a call to action for customers to buy your product.

You can suggest that they get one for themselves and one for a friend and add it to their cart today and buy now. Numerous studies have shown salespeople who ask for the order at the end of the presentation boost sales by hundreds of percent.

So it’s reasonable to assume that asking customers to buy will also result in more sales, and most sellers using these tactics have found that it does.

Secret 2 HTML
You can use HTML to bold key text, space out paragraphs and bullet points, and improve the overall readability and format of your description.

There is still some debate about whether or not it’s allowed, but if you only use it for these simple tasks there will be no issue with Amazon.

By making key benefits bold with HTML you make it easier for readers to skim through your listing and catch all the key points. But don’t bold everything.

Focus instead on the 4 or 5 key points that will convert potential customers to buyers.

Secret 3 Keywords
The description is a great place to add in more relevant keywords for your listing.

You have more than 1000 characters to write about your product so you can sprinkle an additional 5 to 10 major keywords throughout the description without affecting the natural flow of the sales copy.

Secret 4 Copywriter
As with your features and title, use a professional copywriter to complete your description.

They can turn ordinary text and keywords into a compelling description of the benefits of your product for the customer.

Secret 5 Extended Benefits
The five bullet points for features are quite limited in terms of what you can say.

Use the description area to go into more detail on the extended benefits of the product. You can also include additional features and benefits with a more detailed overall specification for the product so the customer has everything they need to know in one easy-to-read place.

Secret 6 Highlight the Discount

Use an inflated manufacturer’s suggested retail price in the backend of your listing.

So if your product is selling for $30, but the recommended retail price is $40, users will see a 25% discount highlighted by Amazon. Mention that the product was originally $40 and is now $30 for a limited time only in your description.

Also state that once this item goes out of stock, the price may be increased. What you are doing is creating scarcity, a time limit and a perceived higher price in the mind of the consumer.

This may well be the case because if your item starts selling well you might increase the price later.

Secret 7 Specifications
Itemize exactly what is included in the package that the user will receive.

For example, state that there is a garlic press, instructions and a free spatula included in every box. Give them the exact size and weight of the product here too, since they may be looking at your description to find out these details.

It doesn’t hurt to let them know exactly what they’ll be getting in this section.

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