Secrets for Ranking On Amazon FBA

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Page 1 on Amazon is where all the sales are. If you are not on page 1 you are going to struggle to make money with your product.

So how do you increase your organic ranking?

In this article we cover the top 7 tips for improving the ranking of your products in the Amazon marketplace.

Tip 1 Extra Markets in Keywords

In your Amazon SEO, Title, Keywords and Bullets you need to cover off all the other related products and topics your customer might be looking for. Try to put yourself in their shoes and think about what other products your customer may buy.

If you are selling an electrician’s tool belt, then it is likely your target customer is also buying books and specialist tools about being an electrician, or for their day-to-day work. Or someone interested in Yoga might look up several Yoga products – but also the names of Yoga teachers or books.

Make a short list of books and other products they may buy. For example, an electrician would also need fish tape, a tape measure and a voltmeter.

By adding these keywords to your listing and backend search terms you massively expand your potential customer list because anyone searching for these keywords may also stumble upon your product.

If your main keyword has 100,000 searches, using this strategy you may open up your product to 200,000 searches or more.

Tip 2 Search for the Product

When doing a promotion or asking people to review your product, make sure they do an organic search of your main keyword and scroll through the listings to find you.

Don’t give them a direct link to your product. That way when they purchase the item, even if they buy at a big discount, Amazon associates your product with the keyword.

This will boost your rankings for that keyword significantly. That’s why choosing which keyword to use is the most important part of the promotion.

Use AMZ Tracker’s keyword tools to choose the least competitive keyword to get the most impact for your promotion.

Tip 3 Price

Dropping the price of your products can massively boost rankings.

More people will click on your item because it’s cheaper. Your conversion rate should also increase as a result of your product being better overall value.

More sessions and more conversions lead to higher sales. As a result this will boost your ranking.

In addition, because more people are buying your product you’ll get more feedback and reviews which in turn will lead to higher sales and conversions. A low price can be a positive upward spiral for your product.

The risk is that your competitors may respond by matching your price. That’s why you have to make sure you get the best possible price from the factory.

Tip 4 Off Amazon Marketing

If you can boost traffic to your item by 10 or 20% by driving new customers from Facebook, Pinterest and Google, this can have a significant impact on your rankings.

Instead of competing for the traffic on Amazon, you’re getting additional sales from your own source.

Tip 5 Listing Optimization

At least once a month you should refine your listing and review how you can improve your images, price, product and packaging.

After you launch your listing is not set in concrete. You can constantly improve it. You can update the product, add an insert card to the packaging, redo your features and benefits.

By committing to reviewing your product and the competition once a month and actioning updates you can drastically improve your overall ranking over time.

Tip 6 Review Club Promotions

Using a promotion to boost your sales rank can help you get more organic sales and keep the improved position.

Test with a small number first, around 50 units over 10 days, and measure the results. A 50 to 100 unit giveaway can result in a permanent improvement in your keyword ranking. The best tool to use for this is AMZ Tracker – as millions of shoppers visit their VIPON platform looking for deals.

Tip 7 Pay Per Click

Optimizing pay per click on a monthly basis is an easy way to boost your ranking.

Most sellers set and forget their ad campaigns. Keep adding more keywords relevant to your market into your manual campaigns, optimize your bids, and increase the budget on ads that are performing well.

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