Should You Sell on Amazon in 2021?

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Amazon is still growing super fast. It is a huge marketplace with more new products every week. In this article we cover the top 7 reasons why you should sell your products on Amazon in 2021.

Reason 1 Start with 1 or 1000 Products

You can start selling on Amazon with one used product from your home.

By the end of today you could have already made your first sale. There’s no other business where you can get going so fast.

So whether you start with just 100 units of your own product or search retailers for discounted goods to sell, by the end of the week you could be in business.

If you are a new seller – it is one of the fastest businesses to get up and running. Amazon also has hundreds of millions of customers. Getting new clients is one of the hardest parts of any business – and using Amazon ads you can get in front of them all with relatively little effort.

Reason 2 Amazon Handles Shipment

With fulfillment by Amazon, they handle the warehousing, labeling, packing and shipping of any products you sell to your customers.

These are the most capital-intensive aspects of any new retail business. You don’t have to invest a penny to open a warehouse, because Amazon does it all for you.

And what is great is as your business scales – you can store more in Amazon too. They have spent billions optimizing their warehouse systems – and you can leverage that to fulfil your products.

Reason 3 Customer Service

If customers call to find out where their order is, Amazon staff are available 24/7 to answer their questions.  Even with thousands of orders a month you only need to answer a few customer questions a week.

Customer service can be outsourced to a qualified virtual assistant freeing up your time!

Reason 4 Millions of Products to Choose From

Last year Amazon sold more than 1 billion products from third-party sellers. It’s a huge opportunity.

You can use a tool like Unicorn Smasher to see which items are the best selling and launch your own version in weeks.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of niches you can choose from, each with $10,000 or $20,000 or more per month in sales. Select from your hobbies, interests or even just products that you think will sell well.

Reason 5 Low Capital

You can start with one item or hundreds, so the capital required to get going is very low.

With a few hundred to a few thousand dollars you can build a business that creates thousands of dollars a month in extra profits.

Opening a restaurant might cost $100,000 but you can get an e-store set up for less that 5% of that!

Reason 6 Fast Results

Amazon has huge traffic with hundreds of millions of searches a month.

When you launch a new product usually you will get sales in the first couple of days. Within a month selling $5000-$10,000 worth of product or more is typical if you have enough stock.

Reason 7 Upside

There is almost no limit to growth potential.

Amazon accounted for 50% of all e-commerce growth last year. It’s growing very rapidly. They already sell billions of dollars of items a year and this is expanding further.

You could start with one product and by the end of the year have several items under one brand.

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