The Best Type of Pay Per Click Campaign

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Some markets are super competitive for Amazon ads. But if you are creative, there are ways to bring down your ad costs and boost your sales!

In this article we are going to cover the top tips for setting up your Amazon pay per click campaign.

Tip 1 Amazon Pay Per Click

The same team who built the Amazon search engine also built the Amazon pay per click engine. It’s not the same as Google. Amazon’s campaigns work using relevancy.

For example, if you use the keyword men’s gift in your pay per click campaign, unless it’s included on your listing you will get very few impressions.

Amazon shows your ad for keywords which are included in your listing. So it’s critical you optimize your listing once a month to include all the keywords from the automatic campaign and from your own research.

Tip 2 Auto

Start with a simple automatic campaign of $10 a day and $1 per click.

Leave this running for about 10 days. The reason for setting up an automatic campaign is to let Amazon suggest the best keywords for your product.

This will also give you the data about which keywords you should use to optimize your listing.

Tip 3 Manual

Once you have the results from the automatic campaign, take any profitable keywords and add them into a manual campaign.

Again start with $10 a day and $1 bid. Only put good performing keywords into this campaign.

It’s important to remember that keyword performance can swing wildly from week to week. A keyword that made you a lot of profit last week might lose you money today. That is why you need at least 1 to 2 weeks of data before making a decision on a keyword.

Tip 4 Optimization

If you download the impression data from your automatic and manual campaigns, it will show you which keywords are most searched for on Amazon.

Google search data and merchant words data are not 100% accurate for Amazon. But if you use the data from your pay per click campaign, you’ll see exactly which keywords people are using on Amazon.

Sort the file by most to least impressions. Then for the high volume keywords add them into your title features and description.

Make sure to also include them in the backend of the listing and track your performance using cash cow pro.

Tip 5 Bid

Keep your bids low to start with, and increase in $.10-$.20 increments.

See how this affects your impressions, conversions, and ACOS. At the same time save the data to a file every week so you can compare how you’re doing over time.

Tip 6 Keywords

Once every three months, do detailed keyword research and create a new manual campaign that contains all of the keywords.

Think about what other things your customers might buy. For example, if they’re buying a yoga mat, they may also search for popular yoga books.

Add these keywords to your campaigns.

Tip 7 Google Product Ads

Once you’ve optimized Amazon keywords, set up a Google product campaign for your item, as this will bring extra traffic from Google to your Amazon page and help you rank faster.

You can send this traffic to a landing page for your product and give out coupons to people who sign up. That way you can bring in outside traffic to help sell more of your product.

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