YouTube Marketing for Amazon FBA

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To win on Amazon you need to drive traffic from off Amazon. That way it boosts your organic Amazon ranking, gets your more sales and increases your sales velocity – a key ranking factor

In this article we’re going to cover the top 7 tips on marketing your Amazon products on YouTube.

Tip 1 Short but Sweet

People’s attention spans have decreased and they want content to make an impact right from the start.

They don’t have 30 minutes to watch a video. Keep your videos from 8 to 20 minutes or less, and try to start off on a high note.

Also – try to edit the content in a way that keeps people’s attention. Change up the background or scenery and avoid too much text.

Tip 2 Informative Videos

Think about what people who use your product might want to learn more about.

For example,if you are selling a garlic press you could consider showing quick and easy recipes, focusing on dishes that show your product being used.

Don’t focus on your product, focus on making great quick videos – that entertain a broader audience.

Tip 3 Periodically Mention Your Product

Don’t try to sell your product in every video.

Focus on creating great content for your users and not on pushing a product. People want information that’s presented in an entertaining and easily digestible way.

It’s okay to include a promotional offer for your item from time to time, but keep the promotion under 10 seconds so as not to lose the viewer.

Tip 4 Fact and Fun Based

Pull together interesting facts and create short informative videos that are fun and quirky.

For example, if you’re selling a garlic press, you can create a wacky video about the top seven uses for garlic. For example, as well as being an edible bulb, garlic can also be used as an insect repellent, to fight acne, to make cough syrup, and so on.

Not to mention the effect it has on vampires.

Tip 5 Use Links to Drive Traffic to a Landing Page

Place links under your video to your other social media accounts, and also to your brand landing page.

Include some descriptive text about what’s in the video. If users like your video they might want to find out more about you and your products.

Adding links makes it easy for them to find out more and means they’re more likely to visit your listing and buy your product.

Tip6  6 to 12 Months Plan

Allow yourself a few months to start to build up a decent size following.

If you make one video per week, it’s only when you have around 30 videos or more that you will start to see significant traffic to your products. That’s because customers will see that you’re not just a one-hit wonder.

You’re in it for the long run and that makes you appear professional and dependable, so it’s likely that your products are of a similar standard and quality.

Tip 7 Advertise

Once you have 10 videos or more, advertise your most popular video on the YouTube platform itself aimed at your target demographic.

Set a low budget and test to see if the campaign increases your number of viewers and subscribers. This will help you build a wider subscriber base for your videos.

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